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Why do other people’s hydraulic post knocker have a long life?

60 views Published by admin Feb 25,2019

The repair and replacement cost of the hydraulic post knocker is relatively expensive. Interestingly, some post knocker will have a longer life and efficiency under the use of some people.

That’s because they pay more attention to the maintenance of post knocker. For example, pay special attention to the maintenance of the hydraulic pounder in winter.

hydraulic post knocker

1、Perform a full physical examination of the hydraulic pounder before storage. Check for malfunctions and loose screws and clean the entire hammer.


2、Replacethe oil seal. The oil seal can avoid the contamination of the hydraulic system by impurities. Once the oil seal breaks, the hydraulic pounder will leak oil, which will result in insufficient pressure on the hydraulic post knocker.

hydraulic post knocker

3、The hydraulic post knocker should be placed in a dry environment. It should not be placed in a humid, saline, or dusty environment for a long time. To prevent the entry of rainwater, the rear cylinder should be raised. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to exhaust the nitrogen and push the piston into the cylinder.
4、Pay attention to daily maintenance. After removing the drill rod, always check the wear condition of the wearing parts in the lower cylinder, and check the piston, the drill striking face, and the drill rod.


hydraulic post knocker

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