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Analysis of 7 fault cases of excavator jackhammer (2)


Analysis of 7 fault cases of excavator jackhammer (2)

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5, The excavator jackhammer is weak

excavator jackhammer

The breaker hammer is weak, and the hose on the site is shaken sharply. The accumulator pressure of the breaker was detected, and it was found that the accumulator had no pressure, and a little hydraulic oil leaked out to judge that the accumulator was damaged. Remove the accumulator cover, remove the broken leather wrist, clean the dry accumulator housing and install a new leather wrist.

Conclusion: The accumulator has a broken wrist.

6, Oil leakage at the piston

excavator jackhammer

After the excavator jackhammer is stored for a period of time, the hydraulic fluid leaking from the lower cylinder occurs. After inspection, it was found that there was hydraulic oil leakage, and the crusher shell was corroded more seriously. This may be caused by improper moisture storage during storage. After disintegration inspection, it was found that there was a trace of water rust on the head of the piston, and it was because the rust directly caused the strain damage of the piston seal assembly and failed, causing leakage of hydraulic oil.

Conclusion: Improper storage causes corrosion of the piston and damage to the seal assembly, resulting in oil leakage.

Correct storage:

For long-term storage, the gas in the nitrogen chamber must be released, causing the piston to retreat into the cylinder.


7, The front end of the piston is damaged

excavator jackhammer

The excavator jackhammer drops metal fragments in the lower cylinder during use. The disintegration of the breaker revealed that the strike surface of the front end of the piston had been damaged (see the figure above) and the drill rod used was not damaged.

The hardness of the drill rod is higher than the hardness of the piston rod, which directly damages the piston. The drill rod itself is a lossy part, and its service life is lower than that of the piston, so the hardness is strictly controlled and mastered. The soft life is too short and the damage to the piston is too hard, so it is strictly forbidden to use the non-pure drill rod.

Conclusion: The hardness of the drill rod does not match the hardness of the piston.
Proper operation helps to make the crushing work efficient. When the operation is not correct, the force of the strike cannot be fully exerted. At the same time, the hammer strike force will be shocked to the breaker body, the guard plate and the operating arm of the excavator body, etc., resulting in damage to the breaker component.

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