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On Sep.22 The “skilled competiton” was opening in the Junheng factory. 15 workers competing at the same field. The contestant are all skilled workers.Some of them are ten year old employees, some of whom are just new recruits for half a year. After fierce competition, an old worker who has worked for eight years won the championship. we hope to promote the spirit of skilled workers through skills competition, and stimulate the enthusiasm of workers to become talents.

Excavator rock breaker will extend 3 years life with proper use

Many people think that using excavator rock breaker will reduce the life and performance of excav...

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Yantai Junheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of first mover and business mogul for hydraulic breaker hammer, hydraulic post driver, hydraulic grab manufacturing with variation competitive advantage since 2002, especially in research and development.
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